IMG_5253…From Birth to the Ever After  

We celebrate Birth!

We mourn Death!


Having to face the report of having lesions on my brain; has been a difficult journey at the least. One day I, was busy about my life just doing what I felt to do. Within 24 hours things changed.  I had to step out onto the faith I so openly proclaim in my daily life.  Facing the facts that life as I have known it has changed.

Waiting to see the Nuero-Oncologist forced me to look at what I do with my time allowed. It became very clear to me; What and Who really mattered.  That there is NO room for anger, bitterness or unforgiveness I my world. Telling & showing zpeople that they matter moved from somewhere in my top twenty to Number TWO.  Living my life as the CHURCH has to be my drive. Without that the pain would keep me in bed.

Christ took a beaten for our healing. He died on Calvary for each of us! DO YOU KNOW ANYONE  ELSE WHO WOULD LAY DOWN THEIR LIFE FOR YOU? I do not!

The reason I share is because no matter what we face Christ is beside us to hold us.  He will share the pains and joys of our lives if we let him.  No I am not saying there will not be bad days. I am saying you will not be alone!

Take every opportunity to help others in your circles and watch the ripple effect.   Make your mark on society a positive one! This is what I plan to do with every moment of every year I am blessed with.

                 Shadow Ministry

 I am an Armorbearer! God has called me into a ministry that works most of the time in the shadow of another.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the platform? I mean before, during and after the great ministries.  That is where you find the platform for an armorbearer’s ministry.  Hours even day before any ministry engagement; preparing all the necessary tools and supplies for the minister.  Encouraging and promoting the vision of the ministry. Carrying the secrets or their minister to the Lord, holding fast their confidence.

Praying for the minister you are called to serve under becomes second only to praying about your own walk. As an armorbearer you stand in a spiritual place between the enemy and the ministry. You hold up the armor to protect the minister and the ministry they are called into.

No one can explain what drives and armor bearer. I have heard people say they control the crowd. No we are not ushers. Others say they just pray. Yes and no we do more than that. In the Bible, armor bearers literally served their master and took care of their sword and armor.  Seeing that we are not fighting today with sword and spear, nor are we traveling from camp to camp why do we still need armor bearers?  Ministers need to focus on studying and prayer, to be ready to deliver the on time word to every congregation.

Armorbearers 1. Pray for them 2. Prepare supplies they need 3. Handle things that would become detracting (this will vary per situation) 4. Make sure the minister arrives on time equipped for ministry.  5. Supports them in what ever way necessary. 6. Protect and encourages the minister as needed.

We may serve in the shadows, yet we minister in a spiritual dangerous position. Do not look down on serving in the shadows. You have a hand in winning souls, delivering God’s word and changing lives for Christ.  God knows ever little detail and he will reward you for the service you give.  Just walk each day giving as if you are giving straight to Christ; expecting nothing in return. For sixteen years, God has blessed me to hold the office of Armor bearer to Evangelist Freda Johnson.  I love serving in this position; it is where I fit like a square peg into a square hole.

I hope this will encourage you to step out into your calling.


Marsha Ball